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Graduate Housing

Redwood Family Center operates two graduate houses in Stanislaus County for up to 12 women and their children.  These locations are in a residential setting. This allows the family to acclimate back into a home-like environment so that they can continue to work on their recovery and sustain their family and life beyond clean and sober living.  Women continue to work with a case manager, focusing on goals, employment, and housing. In this phase of the programming, clients are expected to participate in vocational training through our client staffed Thrift Store.


Redwood Family Center staff are experienced advocates providing assistance to community members whose lives are broken by the effects of alcohol and drug abuse and dependence. As advocates, the staff is trained and familiar with current information and experience related to the development of alcohol and drug abuse and dependence and the impact this has on the family and our community. Advocates understand the alcohol and drug treatment system in our community, are familiar with family court, Stanislaus County social services, Stanislaus County mental health services, Stanislaus County drug and alcohol services and the community resources available directed toward recovery and life transformation. Advocacy at Redwood Family Center includes smooth transitional assistance into clean and sober living at Redwood Family Center from referring partners and support, information and referral to our partner service agencies.

The Redwood Family Center Corson

The Redwood Family Center-Corson site opened in 2013 under the mission and vision of Valley Recovery Resources. The Redwood Family Center-Corson site was established in response to the overwhelming need in Stanislaus County for additional housing for women with children, beyond that which the Redwood Family Center-California site was able to provide The Redwood Family Center-Corson site houses 25 women and their children who would otherwise be homeless and lack access to necessary recovery resources in Stanislaus County. Between both the Redwood Family Center-California and Corson sites, an average of 60 to 80 children and 50 mothers have a home, a place to belong and HOPE!